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Christianity is not my church or your church.The word Christian means like Christ.When the Woodstock concert took place in America in the year 1969 some people took off their clothes and had "fun".That same spirit has hit Africa,sex parties are now a common thing.I refer to Africa because the continent is slow in embracing immoral things.In Africa on family tv songs with swear words are now played,the same applies to family radio.What more of the western world? People can now marry animals.How long before this comes to Africa? I will not dwell too much on the illuminati,the bible gave man responsiblity,dominion over animals.To marry animals is a mockery of God.People are suppossed to care for God's creatures.The governments that okays this are funded by these secret societies that push for the agenda of mocking and laughing at God in broad daylight.You may say it has to be that way,not everyone will go to heaven.God is saying where are the true Christians? The attack of morals will leave many Christians luke warm,Jesus does not accept that,You are either hot or cold.The reason why Africa and America are suffering is because Christians are not speaking out against general sin.If it is not your calling to speak out against sin,pray for your children,pray for your leaders.Prayer changes things.This has now become a Luceferian world.They control the finances,the influence and yes,most people.Saving the Christianity that is left.Christians if you do not address sin as sin or pray things will get worse.Raymond Mafukidze.Feel free to contribute to The Christian Forum.25/01/2018

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