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    Divine healing works.Our emphasis here is on divine healing through music.David would play a harp for Saul and then Saul would get healed.In divine healing you need a place of contact,in this case the music that you listen to. Divine healing will then be instant or within a few days,weeks or in rare times months.In divine healing there is nothing easier than healing cancer or harder than healing AIDS.Divine healing is divine healing,it cannot be measured or limited.You faith is your key to your healing of anything at all that you are suffering from.It would help us a lot if you buy the songs that you find helpful or better still,make a donation towards them here
    The first song Divine Heals It Works is a narrated track that teaches us about the divine healing process.That song will build your faith and can even get you healed.You should listen without your doubts already in place.
    2) THE HEALING SOUND ( a piano instrumental)
    3) SICKNESS DISAPPEAR FROM ME (the highly recommended faith song)

    Founder:Raymond Mafukdze
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  • IN HONOUR OF JESUS CHRISTDateWed Feb 19, 2020 1:01 pm
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    The entire bible points to Christ
    The entire plan of redemption is in Christ
    After three days and three nights David recovered all that he had lost
    After three days and three nights Jesus recovered all that we had lost
    After three days and three nights Abraham arrived on the mount with Isaac his son
    After three days and three nights God raised Jesus Christ His Son
    Give a man wealth and might and he thinks he is something
    Without God's grace on anything that can be done,a man amounts to nothing
    The world takes the gifts and ignores the giver
    Like Judas sold Christ for thirty pieces of silver

    We take this time to honour The Mighty Jesus Christ
    A man who laid His life down for all of us,the loving,compassionate Christ
    Songs are sung;"we want to live forever."
    Can't you see that through Christ we can actually live forever
    In the beginning there was no death,sorrow or pain
    Jesus came to take us back to the beginning once again

    By Raymond Mafukidze
    Taken from The Poems of Elisha

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    Many say that illuminati people are infact Reptilians.That of course is from the word reptile.Time reveals all things.If you love your bible,you will know that the serpent,a reptile decieved Eve inside the garden of Eden.These Reptilians are so smart,so sharp,they run this world and all Christians work for them directly or indirectly.They have made earth their home,a home that they control.Where then are all the Christians? ACCESS CHRISTIAN SERMONS here AUDIO BOOK on self development:YOU WILL BECOME WHAT YOU WERE MEANT TO BE.View video promo THE ANTI-WAR song

  • GOSPEL SERMONSDateMon Jan 21, 2019 6:24 am
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    Access timely gospel sermons here

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    The biggest blow to the Christians is that Lucerian people understand the DNA or the attributes of God more than most Christians.Many Lucerian people live like God or gods on earth."I AM THAT I AM" God said to Moses.Beyonce has an album called I AM. An album by Joe Thomas is called All That I AM.These people tap into the DNA of God.Many celebrities ad I AM to their social networks like Queen Latifah.They believe they are gods or that they are God.If God would ask for deity fruit amongst men right now He would find it amongst The Luceferian,illuminati people.Say what? Satan comes from heaven,he is a part of God's attribute.He is busy passing on the very DNA of God to his very own even though in a very peverted way.A son of an elephant is an elephant.A son of God is a god.Most Christians are too text book and too religious they do not believe in these things but the Luceferians go beyond belief they have become the gods of the earth.These are the tools that Satanists use to rule the world.They tap into God's attributes or DNA and in most cases they just turn the very things of God upside down.CHRISTIANS BELIEVE IN GOD.SATANISTS BENEFIT FROM GOD.That is hard but it's true.The very people who benefit from the God gene are busy blaspheming God.Madonna means mother of God.Jesus Christ called Mary "woman" in John 2.This is deep,God has no father or mother,He is and always was and always will be.Mary was a human body in which the Holy Spirit created Jesus Christ because He had to be born of a woman.1.BLASPHEMY.Lucerians use blasphemy as a power base.The artist Madonna meaning mother of God henceforth she is supposed to be higher than God.You are not supposed to tell her to stop flaunting her underwear on stage after all "it's taboo to correct God's mother."I AM used by many celebrities is also a Satanic tool of blashemy.These things a are deep and psychological.If you see I AM long enough on album covers you will end up thinking that these people are gods.2.THE DEITY OR CREATOR ATTRIBUTE.When The Beatles sang the song Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds they were singing about Lucifer.The sun is like a wheel,a type of eternity.The sun rises every morning and sets every evening in every country without fail.Only a snowy or a rainy weather will make the sun not to be visible but the law of the sun is that every day it must be visible in each and every country in the world.The sun is round like a wheel,The Beatles vynl records were round like a wheel.They would record their songs once and the songs would rise in each and every country in the world like the sun.The Beatles in a very small way were both deity and creators in the approach to their work.Many Christians are busy attending bible colleges or sleeping.Luceferians are busy breaking into God's DNA even at times the wrong way.The reason why 100 million Christians believe one scripture different one from the other is because of bible colleges.They confuse people.The Bible is taught to us by the Holy Ghost.You cannot teach a supernatural book the bible using natural means,bible colleges.Marc Zuckerberg can spend 3 months on holiday and facebook is operating in every country like the sun.That is how Lucerians are ruling the world.THEY WANT TO BE LIKE GOD SO BADLY AND SOME OF THEM ALMOST GET THERE.3.BLOOD SACRIFICES.Jesus Christ is the blood sacrifice by which mankind is washed of their sin and redeemed.Life is in the blood.The Luceferians pevert this by conducting animal and human sacrifices so that their things can prosper.The things of the Christian prospered once and all on Mount Calvary on the cross when jesus Christ said "it is finished".4.SEX OR LIFE METAPHORS.Sex between a woman and a man in a marriage setting results in life,babies or fruits of the womb.Sex of people of the same sex becomes a peversion and now becomes a ritual so that a movie etc can prosper.Movies like Star Wars had a history ritual of men having sex before they were chosen for a part in the movie.The fruit of the womb so that the movie can become something big.Hollywood is well known for those Satanic rituals.These days it has been extended to sex with animals,marrying animals.Legislators defend sex with animals and sex between two men or two women.Why? Who funds legislation? The Luceferians.They will tell the legislators here is the money,in return make this world our world,henceforth if a Lucefrian is found having sex with an animal,which courtroom can you take him to? These laws are forced on Christians,they have to accept them.Those are some of the major tools used by the illuminati and Luceferians to rule the world.If you are a true Christian support this work,look at the top part of this page or share this page.The world is becomig Luceferian and illuminati at a very fast pace.Our tool as Christians is faith,revelation and this is the revelation there of.You are being taken for a ride and you do not know where you are coming from and where you are going,until today.EXPOSED!

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    Christianity is not my church or your church.The word Christian means like Christ.When the Woodstock concert took place in America in the year 1969 some people took off their clothes and had "fun".That same spirit has hit Africa,sex parties are now a common thing.I refer to Africa because the continent is slow in embracing immoral things.In Africa on family tv songs with swear words are now played,the same applies to family radio.What more of the western world? People can now marry animals.How long before this comes to Africa? I will not dwell too much on the illuminati,the bible gave man responsiblity,dominion over animals.To marry animals is a mockery of God.People are suppossed to care for God's creatures.The governments that okays this are funded by these secret societies that push for the agenda of mocking and laughing at God in broad daylight.You may say it has to be that way,not everyone will go to heaven.God is saying where are the true Christians? The attack of morals will leave many Christians luke warm,Jesus does not accept that,You are either hot or cold.The reason why Africa and America are suffering is because Christians are not speaking out against general sin.If it is not your calling to speak out against sin,pray for your children,pray for your leaders.Prayer changes things.This has now become a Luceferian world.They control the finances,the influence and yes,most people.Saving the Christianity that is left.Christians if you do not address sin as sin or pray things will get worse.Raymond Mafukidze.Feel free to contribute to The Christian Forum.25/01/2018

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